Assistence Department - Service

To the technological strength of the technical department, as well as the competence of the Service Department, Warcom paid great attention and considerable resources.

Warcom guarantees to its customers an efficient and professional service thanks to the preparation and long experience of its engineers.

  • Set up and installation
  • Customer Service: through its network of local sales and service, Warcom guarantees  efficient and professional support to its customers.
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Help desk
  • Teleassistance on line :
  • Contracts for  Preventative Maintenance: Programmed  preventive Maintenance provides complete check-up which consists of regular semiannual visits planned which aim to control the efficiency of the pump to maintain constant in time, its performance in terms of productivity, reliability and safety .
  • Training school
  • Retrofitting on second hand machines


Telephones: 030 74 50 461
Fax 030 74 51084
E-mail :